Candidates for Ministry

As a Candidate for Ministry, you are responsible to see that all necessary items are in your file.  

Please remember that this process is candidate-driven, and you will progress at the pace you choose.

Checklists are provided to help you in the journey: 

Beginning Candidacy through Certified Candidate Checklist Here 

Certified Candidate through Ordination Checklist Here 

Certified Candidate through Licensed Local Pastor Checklist Here





We have received a notice that from November 18 - November 28, 2017, PA residents cannot get their background check that requires fingerprints (FBI Clearance). The reason is that the Commonwealth is in the process of changing the suppliers that perform fingerprint background checks.


Please see below:

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that effective at close of business November 18, 2017Cogent will no longer be providing fingerprint services for 'new applicants'.  All 'new applicants' will be required to begin a new pre-registrationwith the new Commonwealth supplier, MorphoTrust, on November 282017. Those unable to meet this deadline will be required to restart the process with the new Commonwealth supplier, MorphoTrust. (Registration information will not be transitioned to the new supplier; any unused registration files will be purged from the Cogent System and any payments will be issued refunds by Cogent.) 

Applicants that have been notified their prints were rejected for quality purposes will have an additional time-period to complete the reprint process with Cogent. Any 'reprint applicants' who have not completed the reprint process with Cogent within this additional time-period, will be eligible to continue the reprint process with the new supplier. Please Note, 'reprint applicants' will have a limited time-period of 90 days to obtain their reprint services without charge. Additional information regarding that process or the new solution and start date will be forthcoming from the Department of General Services.

Applicants may visit the new supplier website at or




We were informed that the service should be available starting on November 28, 2017.  There will be several locations throughout the Susquehanna Conference area.


Tom Salsgiver

Director of Connectional Ministries

Legal Services/Personnel




State College District UMC,
Oct 8, 2014, 8:35 AM
State College District UMC,
Feb 4, 2016, 11:14 AM