Welcome to the State College District homepage. 

The goal of this page is to communicate information for the laity and clergy of the district, and also to help seekers find a place to connect.  As known, worship times, facebook tags and websites will be listed for the 113 churches of the State College district and the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.  

The State College District connects the United Methodists in Centre, Clearfield (West Branch & Philipsburg Osceola Mills School Districts), Clinton, lower Juniata and Mifflin Counties.



Note from Our district superintendent 



In 1905, Charles A. Tindley wrote the following words (which you will find at #512 in the UM Hymnal)


                        When the storms of life are raging,

                        Stand by me (stand by me):

                        When the storms of life are raging,

                        Stand by me (stand by me);

                        When the world is tossing me

                        Like a ship upon the sea,

                        Thou Who rulest wind and water,

                        Stand by me (stand by me.)


Charles Albert Tindley knew about life’s storms.  He was born in 1851 in Berlin Maryland as the child of a slave father and a free mother.  When he was very young his mother died, so he was raised by his mother’s sister so he could keep his freedom, however as a young boy he was “hired out” to help the family. Largely self-taught, he learned to read on his own, and he took correspondence courses to become a Methodist minister.   First appointed in 1885, in 1924 he was the founding pastor of Tindley Temple in Philadelphia, which grew to about ten thousand members under his leadership.  A captivating preacher, Tindley authored about 50 songs, most of which were introduced during his sermons. (Resource:  hymnary.org)


Storms are raging in our world today.  Storms named Harvey and Irma are tossing lives.  Storms of threatening war in the Korean peninsula and wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria are raging.  Storms of addiction and violence, of hatred and fear are raging in our nation.  Storms of illness, fear and chaos are raging in some homes.


In the midst of these storms, remember who is standing by you.

Jesus Christ, who loves you without limit, stands with you.

He never promised to take us out of life’s storms, rather he promises to walk with us, to stand by us.


Live in that hope.  God is with you.  You are not alone.  Thanks be to God.