(Churches with Childcare Operations)


While fortunately so far unrelated to the Susquehanna Conference, Philadelphia Insurance Company has received several claims for a hazard that many of us probably would not think of.  We want to share this information with churches that have childcare operations with the hope of minimizing the potential for injury to children within the conference and related claims. 

Accident Description

Injured child was outside during play time and he touched the metal exterior door to the building with both of his hands and sustained second degree burns.  The state inspector investigated afterward and measured the temperature of the door to be 150 degrees Fahrenheit.


The claim file indicates that the school has been in operation for three years, and they have not ever had any prior incidents with the door.  There is only one class that plays on the playground at a time, and the ratio of children to teachers is 6:2.  The largest class is 16 children, and they have two teachers when they are outside.  Despite the teacher/student ratio, the school may be facing a probable negligent supervision suit given what is believed to be the fact pattern. 

The claim file reflects that the attorney for the injured child indicated he was transferred to the burn unit in (CITY) and was there for four days and had three debridement procedures.  There was concern that the burn injuries may have a profound effect on his fine motor skills. 

This serves as a reminder of the importance of carefully examining the play area(s) exposed to direct sunlight, with respect to hot surfaces/burn potential for children.  This should include metal down spouts, doors, and any other item a small child may put their hands on during routine supervised activity.  



Edward J. Eshleman, CPCU

Assistant Vice President

Commercial Lines Manager