2024 Church Conferences

  PRE CHARGE CONFERENCE TRAINING will be via zoom, September 12, 2023 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


The Charge Conference forms are posted.  Form 4 is not live yet, but will be soon and we'll update you when it is available. 


October 15

1 pm—Rote UMC hosting—Rote/Salona, Nittany Sugar Valley charge

2:30 pm—Flemington UMC hosting—Flemington/Lamar/Mill Hall, Lock Haven Parish, Laurel Run

4 pm—Covenant Lock Haven hostingCovenant, Renovo Area Charge, Woolrich/Caldwell

6:30 pm—Howard UMC hosting— Howard, Faith Chapel,



October 18

7 pm—Sprucetown UMC hosting— Brush Valley Circuit, Penns

Valley charge, Centre Hall


October 19

7 pm—Greater Shawville UMC hosting—Greater Shawville Charge


October 22

1 pm—Emmanuel Fremont UMC hosting—Mount Pleasant Mills Charge

2:30 pm—Richfield UMC hosting—Richfield Charge

4 pm—McAlisterville UMC hosting—Pine Grove/McAlisterville Charge


October 23

7 pm—  Milesburg UMC hosting—Bellefonte Faith, Bellefonte Trinity/Milesburg, Pleasant Gap/New Hope, Greater Buffalo Run Valley, Bald Eagle Community


October 25

7 pm—Port Royal UMC hosting—Port Royal/Matamoras, Mifflin/Mexico, Mifflintown Aldersgate


October 28

10 am—Clearfield West Side


October 29

1 pm— Wagner UMC hosting—Vira/Wagner/Grove Memorial

2:30 pm—First McClure UMC hosting—Mountain View/West Snyder Ext

4:30 pm—Grace Lewistown UMC hosting—Lewistown Grace, Lewistown First Circuit, Lewistown Parish


November 5

1 pm—Wayne UMC hosting— River Valley, Lewistown Wesley Chapel

3 pm—Milroy UMC hosting—Belleville, Kish Valley, Shrader, Valley Parish

6 pm—Mt Nittany UMC hosting—State College Mt Nittany, State College St Paul’s, Fairbrook/Albright Bethune, Park Forest Village


November 6

7pm—Woodycrest UMC hosting—Grays/Woodycrest/Houserville, South Eagle Valley


November 12

1 pm—First Houtzdale UMC hosting—Houtzdale/Madera/Allemansville/Janesville

2:30 pm—Mt Zion Olanta UMC hosting—Mt Joy/Mt Zion/O’Shanter

4:30 pm—Emmanuel Clearfield UMC hosting—Clearfield Parish

6:30 pm—Lake Street UMC hosting—Woodland



November 15

7 pm—Rock UMC hosting— Mt Hope, West Decatur, Osceola/Sandy Ridge, Philipsburg Grace/Morgan Run


November 16

7 pm—Gethsemane Allport UMC hosting—Gethsemane, Philipsburg Trinity, Mt Top UM


November 19

1 pm—Shiloh UMC hosting—Bigler Charge

2:30 pm—Centre Grove Clearfield UMC hosting—Clearfield Centre Grove/Trinity Charge

4 pm—Curwensville UMC—Curwensville




If your charge conference is set for an October date, your forms are due back to the district office by October 1, 2023.  

Electronic submissions are encouraged—thanks

 If your charge conference is set for a November date, your forms are due back in the district office on October 23, 2023

Electronic submissions are encouraged—thanks



 * If your church has a new or changed Safe Sanctuary policy, there needs to be a copy of the policy included in your charge conference packet so it may be voted on.

 If it's NOT NEW or CHANGED it doesn't need to be included.  Thanks